Calling All Alpha Squirrels

We’re looking for educators across the nation to join our next class of certified Alpha Squirrels. The new Alpha Squirrels program recognizes and rewards educators who love the Squirrels suite of products and show a desire to help peers navigate the ever-changing EdTech landscape.

Attributes of an alpha squirrel


Regular participation each month on Squirrels communities, or through social channels (e.g., blogs, Twitter, Facebook)


Have a strong understanding of Squirrels, its related products, as well as the needs of the industry


Respond regularly to questions or ideas and contribute to Squirrels industry knowledge


Represent the spirit of the industry and relay the voice of the customer to Squirrels


Be a brand advocate for Squirrels, and act as a fair and balanced representative

Goals and Expectations

Program Details

The Alpha Squirrels program ultimately seeks to boost the influence of Alpha Squirrels in the industry during a 12-month term.

  • New Alpha Squirrels will be invited to join the program during each enrollment period.
  • After the initial enrollment period, prospective Alpha Squirrels will be invited to join the program during one of the enrollment periods of either February, June or October
  • Alpha Squirrels may be re-inducted during their enrollment period based on their contributions to the program
  • Alpha Squirrels will be expected to maintain professional conduct and meet certain responsibilities and expectations, as summarized below
  • Alpha status is granted at the sole discretion of Squirrels
  • Alpha members are expected to adhere to any applicable terms of use or similar terms and conditions, including but not limited to Squirrels Privacy Policies, End User License Agreements, Licensing Terms and other policies and procedures