Billy Spicer

Current Role

Instructional Coach

Lake Zurich CUSD 95, IL

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“Teachers need, no, they DEMAND quick and easy accessibility to tools of technology. Research has shown that accessibility has been found to be one of the top components in inspiring teacher buy-in when examining ways for educators to leverage technology into their instruction. What drove me to Squirrels and its family of products is the ease of use that comes with them. The functionality is there and results in quick buy-in from teachers when they see how easy it is to use and immediately implement into their own teaching. Products like AirParrot and Reflector work well and work the first time. They aren’t viewed as, “another tool I have to use in my classroom,” but a way for teachers to facilitate all the wonderful learning that is taking place through a lens that speaks to today’s “YouTube Generation” of learners. Having the instant access to stream student work and put the “sage on the stage” into the students’ hands is very powerful. Students own their learning when they have a say in what they are sharing and showcasing as learning artifacts.”

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