Ben Spieldenner

Current Role

Teacher and Educational Technologist

Ashland High School, OH

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“I have shown Squirrels to hundreds of people from Ohio to Missouri in a number of presentations (both tech related and non-tech related). I found Squirrels while researching a way to show student devices on my projector because so many students were completing their projects on their mobile devices. I started with Apple TV, but it simply would not cooperate the way I wanted. So, I found Squirrels and realized that teachers could more effectively and practically encourage kids to use their own mobile devices to make class more interesting and relevant. The Squirrels technology allows students who may be very quiet in class to have a voice…their phone screen. If more teachers knew how to use this affordable technology, more students would feel empowered and heard (or seen)…which is why I became a teacher: to empower kids.”

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