Jim Martin

Current Role

Media and Classroom Technology Support

Lake Geauga Computer Association, OH

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“I've been using Squirrels software first professionally and then personally for 5+ years. I find that it fills a necessary niche and that many educators are not aware that what your software does is even possible. I find that your pricing is very reasonable and as a product it works. That might sound like a silly statement, but in the world of K-12 education, showing something to teachers that they can do quickly and easily and having it work as intended is actually a big deal. Because of these simple needs and your quality I have been showcasing your products for years. The first time I did a presentation and used Reflector to show off an app on my phone we spent as much time discussing Reflector that we did the app. Since then, whenever I have a presentation that necessitates showing off an app I automatically include time on what Reflector is and who the Squirrels are. ”

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