Meet The Alpha Squirrels

We interact with teachers every day. The energy and enthusiasm they display motivates us to expand our EdTech solutions and search for new ways to enhance the student learning experience. Their dedication makes us excited to go to work. So we made an exclusive club for the most devoted and influential teachers in our network.

We’re proud to introduce you to our first class of Alpha Squirrels. The fall 2015 class represents a team of 28 EdTech experts spread across 14 US states and four countries.

These individuals are passionate about the Squirrels suite of products and the opportunity to teach their fellow educators about wireless screen-mirroring technology in the classroom.

We’ll be sending our Alpha Squirrels to EdTech conferences around the world. These experiences will allow them to present, network and teach. In addition to Squirrels-sponsored conference attendance and speaking engagements, our Alpha Squirrels will receive free software, a first look at new products and many more perks.

Congrats, Fall 2015 Alpha Squirrels. Welcome to the team!


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