Meet the Alphas

We interact with teachers every day. The energy and enthusiasm they display motivates us to expand our EdTech solutions and search for new ways to enhance the student learning experience. Their dedication makes us excited to go to work. So we made an exclusive club for the most devoted and influential teachers in our network. These individuals are passionate about the Squirrels suite of products and the opportunity to teach their fellow educators about wireless screen-mirroring technology in the classroom.

We send our Alpha Squirrels to EdTech conferences around the world. These experiences allow them to present, network and teach. In addition to Squirrels-sponsored conference attendance and speaking engagements, our Alpha Squirrels receive free software, a first look at new products and many more perks.

Midwest - United States

Angie Kalthoff Technology Integrationist MN @mrskalthoffSummer 2016
Billy Spicer Instructional Coach IL @MrBillySpicerFall 2016
Ben Spieldenner Teacher and Educational Technologist OH @BenSpieldennerFall 2016
Ben Thaxton Assistant Principal and Tech Coordinator OH @benthax10Fall 2017
Charlene Chausis Creativity and Innovation Specialist IL @cchausisSummer 2017
Christine Danhoff Technology Integration Specialist OH @cmdanhoffSpring 2019
Cathy Feldmann Technology Coordinator and Integration Specialist IA @catfeldmannFall 2015
Chris Turnbull Personalized Learning Specialist MN @turnbullchrisFall 2015
Dino Kiveric Teacher MO @keyverraSpring 2016
Janis Bork Instructional Technology Coach MI @BorkJanisFall 2017
Jacob Cauhorn eLearning Coach IN @MrCauhornFall 2016
Jessie Erickson Curriculum Technology Partner ND @JessieREricksonSpring 2019
James Fester Technology Integration Support Specialist MN @saintfesterSpring 2019
John Kramer Technology Integration Specialist OH @@jakramer2Spring 2018
Jennifer Lotze Instructional Technology Coordinator WI @jpeterson7384Fall 2015
Jim Martin Media and Classroom Technology Support OH @LibraryManJimSpring 2019
John Phillips Educational Technology Consultant MI @bcgeekSpring 2016
Joanna Seymour Technology Integrationist IA @joseymourFall 2015
Jon Smith Technology Integration Specialist OH @theipodteacherSummer 2017
Kelly Croy Teacher OH @wirededucatorSpring 2016
Kristen Fudale Academic Technology Specialist OH @FabulashfudaleSummer 2017
Kelli Marsh Director of Technology Integration OH @kelhansFall 2016
Kelly Nyzen Teacher OH @knyzenFall 2016
Kelly Rexine IT Specialist ND @kellyrexineSummer 2016
Keven Rinaman Director of Technology OH @kevenrinamanSpring 2017
Kevin Smith Assistant Professor SD @@KevinSmithSDFall 2018
Laurie Green Technology Integration Specialist OH @themrsgeekySpring 2016
Leah LaCrosse Science Teacher OH @LLacrosseFall 2016
Marcia Kish Blended Learning Coach OH @dsdPDFall 2015
Melissa Massey Executive Director, Southwest Center MO @MelissaSWCenterFall 2017
Megan McBain Training and Development Specialist MI @MeganMcBainSummer 2016
Megan Murphy Director of Technology Integration IN @meganmurphy5Spring 2016
Michael Porterfield Instructor & Instructional Designer MO @edtech4uFall 2016
Phil Hintz Director of Technology IL @phintzFall 2015
Travis Lape Assistant Principal SD @travislapeFall 2015
Tricia Louis Technology Integration Professional WI @talouisFall 2016
Theresa Stager Assistant Principal MI @PrincipalStagerFall 2016
Velvet Holmes Information Technology Literacy Teacher WI @iVelvetFall 2017

Northeast - United States

Cristina Conciatori Science Teacher and Technology Integration Liaison NY @TechSavvySciSpring 2016
Courtney Kofeldt Educational Technology Coordinator PA @CourtneyKofeldtSummer 2016
Eric Butash Director of Operations RI @EricButashFall 2016
Jennifer Lowton Educational Technology Coordinator NH @jllowtonFall 2016
Julie Willcott Independent Educator ME @@willcottjulie Fall 2018
Kathy Schrock Educational Technology Professional Development Trainer MD @kathyschrockSpring 2016
Laurie Guyon Assistant Coordinator for Model Schools NY @@smilelearningFall 2018
Monica Burns Curriculum & EdTech Consultant NY @ClassTechTipsSummer 2016
Marko Markolovic Teacher NY @MarkoMarkolovicSummer 2016
Mike Terborg Library Media Specialist MD @mrterborgSpring 2016
Preston Tyrrell Technology Teacher PA Winter 2015
Rebecca Simon Director of Educational Technology NY @edtechmorahSpring 2016
Rob Zdrojewski K-12 Director of Instructional Technology and Adjunct Professor of Educational Technologies NY @MrZtechTVWinter 2015
Seth Dimbert Director of Educational Technology and Innovation NJ @misterdWinter 2015
Zee Poerio Computer Teacher K-8 PA @MagistraZeeFall 2015

South - United States

Ann Armstrong Instructional Technology Specialist GA @annarmstrong99Spring 2019
Alicia Davis Digital Learning Specialist NC @uhleeshadeeSpring 2017
Aaron Murdock Digital Learning Specialist NC @@techypirate14Spring 2018
Adam Rogers CTE Technology Coordinator OK @@mrrogerstechSpring 2018
Bruce Ketcham Social Studies Teacher NC @BAKetcham2009Spring 2019
Bryan Miller Founder FL @EdTechNerd Spring 2017
Benton Palmer Instructional Technology Specialist GA @@bentonpalmerSpring 2018
Brian Smith 1:1 Integration Specialist TX @BrianRSmithSrFall 2016
Brittany Ware Instructional Technology Specialist GA @@BrittanyWare12Spring 2018
Cori Coburn-Shiflett Digital Learning Coach TX @CoburnCoriFall 2016
Charles White Digital Learning & Technology Coordinator NC @cwhite449Summer 2017
Claudio Zavala Instructional Technology Coordinator TX @ClaudioZavalaJrFall 2017
David Lockhart Education Technology Specialist GA @bigguyinabowtieWinter 2015
Elizabeth Thompson Digital Learning Specialist NC Summer 2017
Felisa Ford Digital Learning Specialist GA @APSITFelisaFall 2016
Hannah Jimenez Digital Learning Specialist NC @HannahLJimenezSpring 2017
Jason Davidson Teacher KY @TheMrDShowSummer 2016
Julie Gathright Instructional Technology Consultant OK @@jlgathrightFall 2018
Juli Gilbert Instructional Technology Specialist GA @@juli_jgilbertSpring 2018
Jennifer Hall Educational Technology Specialist GA @apsitjenSpring 2016
James McCrary Academic Technology Coordinator LA @jamesmccraryFall 2016
Josh Murdock Instructional Designer/Developer and Associate Professor FL @professorjoshSpring 2016
Jessica Robinson Teacher OK @jessrobFall 2017
Jeff Roemisch Human Anatomy Teacher and Coach TX Summer 2016
John Shoemaker Educational Technology Specialist FL @shoeweeWinter 2015
Jennifer Williams Literacy Specialist and Professor FL @JenWilliamsEduSummer 2016
Krynica Drake Educational Technology Specialist GA @apsitkrynicaSpring 2016
Kami Esterline Teacher NC @KamiEsterlineSummer 2017
Karie Frauenhoffer Teacher/Makerspace Leader NC @legitkfrauey Spring 2017
Katrina Keene Director of Innovation and Co-Founder TN @teachintechgalSpring 2016
Katrina Stanfield Educational Technology Specialist GA @apsitkatrinaSpring 2016
Katy Wyborny Digital Learning Specialist NC Spring 2018
Lorien Cafarella Teacher SC @TechGeekLorie Spring 2017
Luke Ziegler Education Technology Specialist GA Fall 2018
Melissa Dandy Walker Digital Learning Specialist GA @APSITMELISSAFall 2016
Michael Hanson Specialist TX @HansonitsSummer 2016
Melissa Lynch Digital Learning Instructional Coordinator NC @MelissaLynch80Spring 2016
Melissa Matthews Technology Program Specialist FL @melgirl78Spring 2016
Mike Meechin Principal FL @mikemeechinSummer 2016
Marcus Williams Teacher/Consultant GA @@prof_coachwSpring 2018
Nancy Betler Talent Development Facilitator NC @nbetlerSummer 2016
Natasha Rachell Science Digital Learning Specialist GA @apsitnatashaWinter 2015
Pam Inabinett Instructional Technology Specialist SC @pNabbieFall 2017
Rosalyn Washington Digital Learning Specialist GA @apsitRosalynFall 2017
Samantha Rouse Third Grade Teacher NC @themrsrouse1Summer 2017
Toby Price Principal MS @jedipadmasterSpring 2016
Valtika Rhodes Elementary Technology Specialist GA @@valtikarhodesSpring 2018
Wiley Brazier Principal on Assignment for Technology Integration LA @@WileyBrazierFall 2018
Wanda Hanley Instructional Technology Facilitator NC @@twhanleySpring 2018

West - United States

Alex Gonzalez Technology Coordinator at Health Sciences CA @alex_g_ojedaSummer 2016
Bill Selak Director of Technology CA @billselakWinter 2015
Corey Engstrom Teacher CA @ttechtrialsSummer 2017
Delilah Rodriguez STEM Instructor for Grades 1-4 OK @AwesomeTeach12Winter 2015
Kelly Dumont Elementary EdTech Team Lead UT @kdumontSummer 2016
Kathi Hoyt Librarian MT @hoytkeFall 2016
Nikki Vradenburg Technology Coach MT @NVradenburgFall 2016
Ryan Schwartz Teacher CA @@APSchwartz30 Spring 2018
Scott Haselwood Director of Instructional Technology OK @TeachFromHereFall 2016
Shaundel Krumheuer Technology Integration Specialist/Teacher Librarian MT @ShaundelKSpring 2017
Tim Schreffler Technology Coordinator CA @APU_CTLASummer 2016
Vanessa Perez Technology Integration Specialist & Library Media Specialist OK @vperezyFall 2016


Avital Aharon Director of Educational Technology ON @AvitalAharonFall 2016
Colin Cheng Tech Ed Provincial Teacher BC @setcolin Spring 2017
Chris Webb Teacher QC @crippitSummer 2017
Jerry Delorey Technology Integration Mentor NS @jdelorey15Winter 2015
Kyle Pearce Math Teacher and Instructional Coach ON @MathletePearceWinter 2015
Orly Rachamim Director of Educational Technology ON @OrlyRachamimFall 2017


Adam Llevo Owner, Mr. Adam PE GB @mradampeFall 2017
Chris Shepherd Customer Success Manager GB @chris_shepherd7Fall 2016
Daniel Harvey Curriculum Lead and Director of Digital Teaching and Learning GB @danielharvey9Winter 2015
Laurent Carlier Education Technology Trainer and Consultant FR @inovateachFall 2016
Marc Faulder Class Teacher and Interactive Technologies Leader GB @MarcWitherseySpring 2016
Marie Soulie French Professor FR @marie34Fall 2016
Nicolas Olivier Teacher FR @edmustechFall 2016


Frankie Villanueva Teacher PH @frankiervillanuevaSpring 2019
Jholan Torres Computer Technology Teacher/Coordinator PH @JholanTorresSpring 2019
Maria Victoria Samblaseno IBDP Physics Teacher/Examiner PH Spring 2019
Raymond Mitchel Africa MYP Science Teacher CN @RaymondAfricaSummer 2017
Winona Diola Grade School Education Technology Coordinator PH @winniediolaSpring 2019